A Preventive Approach to Women's Health

Through years of practice, the lack of comprehensive care for women has become glaringly clear. Too often the issues that women face go beyond the typical medical office treatments provided in a majority of clinics. While Dr Bertoldo is still very much focused on OBGYN care, he is also seeking to help his patients acheive their utmost health in all aspects of their life. The approach in this clinic is one of Preventive Health. He believes in treating the "whole person", meaning your health is based on many factors involving the body, mind and spirit. His approach is focused on the health and wellness for women through all stages of life. His staff and him are dedicated to bringing the very best aesthetic, wellness, health and rejuvenation procedures to his patients. Dr Bertoldo is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist and has successfully treated incontinence, infertilityendometriosishormone imbalance and body rejuvenation. 

Aesthetic medicine is one facet of this approach. Turning back the clock on the aging process or preventing many of the aging side effects are areas that he and his staff are able to focus on. A personalized approach for each patient can help outline problem areas and specific treatments to address those issues. 

In his gynecology practice he is able to offer the latest treatment modalities that reduce patient pain and improve the rate of recovery. For postmenopausal and perimenopausal patients he is able to offer hormone replacement therapy in a long lasting form vs the traditional creams and patches.


Over the past number of years he is one of the few OBGYN providers in Cache Valley that provide services at both hospitals; Logan Regional Hospital and Cache Valley Hospital. We will continue to follow this pattern of practice so our patients never have to worry about changing doctors despite having to switch hospital systems.


Insurance CAN change.


Your health care needs CAN  change.


Who your doctor is should NEVER have to change.

Come visit with our providers for a specialized approach to your health

We accept all major insurance plans and offer self pay options for patients who are interested in cosmetic/surgical procedures.

examples include: selectheaLth, blue cross blue shield, cigna, emi, phep, & united,. if you have questions about coverage please call the office.

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