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Valley Women's Health & Aesthetics  is a medical spa in Cache Valley Utah. We specialize in the latest skin treatments available to help patients look as good as they feel or feel as good as they look! We offer a comprehensive approach to prevention as much as we seek to help patients with treatments to correct their specific concerns. Dr. Nathan Bertoldo MD MPH leads this clinic providing medically supervised aesthetic treatments. His OBGYN training provides a specific and focused approach to women's health. As a result he is the only provider in Northern Utah providing cosmetic gynecologic treatments. He has looked everywhere to find the technology and procedures that will benefit his patients needs and concerns. 
In addition to finding the best technology available, he has also surrounded himself with some talented and well trained individuals to help provide additional treatments to his patients.

At Valley Women's Health & Aesthetics you will receive the best care available with the latest technology. 

Lip and Facial fillers | Botox, Xeomin, Dysport

Facial Injections

Botox, Xeomin &


votiva underwear flower.jpg

Vaginal Rejuvenation

AVIVA, Forma V, Fem Shot, Votiva, EMSella

Morpheus8 Face Handpiece.png

Facial Treatments

Chemical Peels & Facials



Cleanse + Peel
Extract + Hydrate
Fuse + Protect



Growth Factor Treatment

emsculpt-neo ab.jpg

Body Contouring


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