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sottopelle bioidentical hormone therapy

We provide Hormone Pellet Therapy as a member of SottoPelle so that our patients can look great, feel strong, and continue to live life to the fullest!


Treat age-related hormone decline safely and effectively with Hormone Pellet Therapy!


At Valley Aesthetics & Wellness, we use hormone replacement pellet therapy to treat the debilitating effects of age-related hormone decline. We help patients regain control of their bodies and symptoms that come with changes such as menopause and andropause. The primary issues we treat are hormone imbalances caused by age-related hormone decline. Hormone balance plays a critical part in keeping our bodies healthy, fit, and active, but unfortunately, the levels of all of our critical hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, drop as we age.

Bio-identical hormone pellets have become the preferred method to treat hormone deficiencies at Valley Aesthetics & Wellness. This treatment method avoids the many disadvantages of treatment alternatives like messy daily creams or painful weekly injections.

As compared to other forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy:

  • Pellet therapy delivers consistent, physiologic levels of hormones.

  • Consistent and physiologic dosing has been shown to maintain and improve bone density.

  • Pellets bypass the liver and don’t negatively impact clotting factors, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, or liver function.

Pellet Therapy is available in:

    • Testosterone

    • Estradiol

    • Progesterone



What Are the Benefits of  SottoPelle Hormone Pellet Therapy

There are many benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men and Women

  • Improved Libido and Better Sexual Performance – Usually, the first benefits that both men and women on hormone pellet therapy experience are an increased sex drive and improved sexual performance.

  • Increased Energy and Stamina – Hormone replacement therapy increases metabolism, which improves your ability to turn fat into energy.

  • Increased Ability to Burn Fat and Build Muscle – Hormone replacement therapy only improves your ability to burn fat. It improves your ability to build lean muscle. That results in weight loss and a leaner, fitter you.

  • Stronger Bones – Hormone pellet therapy leads to stronger, healthier bones and decreases your risk of osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related fractures.

  • Improved Mood – Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to improve mood and lessen the occurrence of anxiety, depression, and other emotional difficulties.

  • Improved Memory and Cognition – Hormone pellet therapy can improve memory, focus, and concentration.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Age-Related Hormone Decline?

As we age, all hormone levels naturally decline. There can be specific symptoms of hormone decline relating to the particular hormone that is deficient. Also, men and women may experience some gender-specific signs of age-related hormone deficiency. However, in general, declining hormones as we age can lead to:


  • Decreased libido and reduced sexual satisfaction

  • Decreased muscle mass

  • Stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Poor exercise performance

  • Cognitive decline

  • Depression

  • Increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Increased risk of osteoporosis – poor bone density and increased risk for fracture

  • Increased fatigue and irritability

However, hormone replacement therapy can replace what time and nature take away!

What Makes Us Different?

As an OBGYN trained physician Dr Bertoldo understands the intricacies of women's hormones. He can help confirm if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance through proven methods. Once your hormonal imbalance is confirmed, he will provide you with an effective form of treatment to help restore your hormonal levels back to normal.

Common Questions About Hormone Replacement Therapy


What Is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy is a safe and effective way to deliver bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In pellet therapy, tiny pellets about the size of a grain of rice are implanted under the skin, where they release a steady flow of medicine over 3-4 months. Our bio-identical pellets are natural and plant-based. The chemical formulation is an identical match to the hormones created in your body!


Are Hormone Pellets Safe?

Pellets prescribed by Dr Bertoldo and those with Valley Aesthetics & Wellness come from a trusted leader in the compound pharmacy industry. We use an FDA-regulated manufacturing facility. Their compounding process, strict sterile environment, attention to detail, and quality of the compounding components they use, make the bio-identical formulations they prepare truly exceptional. Dr Bertoldo has trained with SottoPelle to provide the benefits of years and thousands of patient treatments into the care you receive. SottoPelle assists with recommendations of dosing so that we keep your treatment conservative and safe.


How Do I Know If I Need Hormone Pellet Therapy?

The simplest, easiest way to check your hormone levels is through a blood test. We can draw your blood right in our office to get you started. Our doctors then review the results and write a treatment plan customized to your needs if hormone replacement is needed.


What Causes Hormone Deficiency or Hormone Imbalance?

There can be several causes of hormone deficiencies, from genetic conditions to disease or injury. However, the most common cause of hormone deficiencies or hormone imbalance is the natural decline of critical hormones that occur as we age.


How Do I started on Hormone Replacement Therapy?

This kind of treatment is not typically covered by insurance and we want to help get you on the road to feeling your best self. We are usually able to do a consultation as a routine health visit and run the lab work through insurance. Then once your results are obtained Dr Bertoldo will set up a time to meet with you and discuss the findings. Usually we place pellets the same day we review your labs. There is no charge for the treatment plan visit.


Average cost of pellet hormone therapy is $300-$400 every 3-5 months. Timing is dependent on the symptoms you experience. Patients will often stay on this for a number of years. There is no set delineation on when to stop using them, but often 10 years after menopause is a time in which it is recommended to reassess the need for continued therapy and any risks that might exist.

Call us today at 435-999-9589 for a consultation for hormone replacement pellet therapy at Valley Aesthetics & Wellness!

If libido or decreased sexual enjoyment due to lack of sensation or increased pain is an issue, please come see us so we can show how that all can change with the VOTIVA RF laser treatment by InMode and use of the Fem Stim ShotTM

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