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Improving pelvic floor strength in as little as 3 weeks! 
better sexual health & reduce incontinence without surgery

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What is HIFEM?

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy  technology is a way to rapidly contract muscle groups like in your abdomen, arms, or even the PELVIC FLOOR! Magnetic fields that pass through your muscles create electric currents. It’s just like you’ve done over 12-20 THOUSAND muscle toning and strength-building exercises in just thirty minutes (AKA KEGELS)

11,000 kegels in 30 min

In just 30 mins EMSELLA's HIFEM technology will cause 11,000 kegels to occur. This process is painless and most patients only feel a vibrating or ticking sensation. You remain fully clothed for the procedure. For general incontinence issues we plan on 2 treatments a week for 3 weeks. Some patients require more than 6 treatments and we offer a package of 10 just in case. A benefit to this is that any unused treatments can be planned later for maintenance therapy. This accomplishes  in a month what usually takes a year of intense pelvic floor physical therapy.

EMSELLA before after and during vs kegel.png
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Patients remain fully clothed while on the EMSELLA chair and are comfortable. It's easy to carry a conversation with another person and nonpainful. There is ZERO downtime afterwards and some patients start seeing results as soon as that first week. 

It is a good idea to get a consultation with Dr Bertoldo to see if you are a good candidate for the non-invasive treatments we offer. FORMA V, FEM Shot and EMSELLA provide a powerhouse combination for women's health. The results we have achieved for patients is incredible and all without surgery.


Packages are available depending on your needs. Call our office today to schedule an end to incontinence and better sexual health! 

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