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Gynecology & OB Services


PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease involving several different body systems, but often affecting the uterus and ovaries the most. We take a multifaceted approach to treating the symptoms of PCOS in order to help you achieve your health goals.


The journey to a successful pregnancy can all too often be a tough, winding path. Dr Bertoldo's OBGYN clinic offers a full array of basic fertility services and treatments to help you down that pathway. We are able to do ovarian stimulation, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination as well as other treatments to treat infertility. These services are provided at our Mt Naomi Women's Health clinic just north of the Medical Spa Clinic.

Urinary incontinence can cause issues for women of all ages. It is much more common after childbirth whether that is a vaginal or cesarean delivery. Both confer increased risk.  There are a number of treatments for incontinence that Dr Bertoldo has available to patients. A non surgical approach is with the Forma V treatment or the FEM Shot.

Pelvic organ prolapse can cause significant discomfort for patients. Child birth, obesity, age, and menopausal status can all affect your risk for this. Some solutions include surgery, but we also offer non surgical fixes for some problems. Surgery can be a necessary step in the treatment of many medical conditions. Uterine fibroids, abnormal menstrual bleeding, endometriosis and uterine polyps are just a few of the issues we can treat with the robotic surgery modality. Dr Bertoldo performs traditionally complicated surgeries with the robotic platform to minimize patient pain, incision sizes, and downtime. click to read more

Contact the office today to see how we can make your day to day activities more comfortable.

Menopause can negatively impact your daily life with symptoms from painful intercourse to hot flashes to abnormal bleeding to lack of libido. Dr Bertoldo incorporates complete care of the patient in treating menopause and getting you back to feeling normal and many times that includes replacment hormones. We specialize in pellet therapy for hormone replacement. Menopause is not the only reason for hormone treatment. Dr Bertoldo can sit down and discuss treatment options specific to your health.

The perineum is an important part of the female anatomy, and is often damaged during childbirth, which can cause functional issues later. Often changes to genital tissue occur over time from aging, disease or with the effects of past pregnancy. Clitoral hood reduction, labiaplasty, and perineoplasty are surgical procedures that we provide for patients suffering from changes to their perineal anatomy. 

Dr. Bertoldo is originally a trained OBGYN and a large part of his practice continues to be caring for pregnant mothers. His training prepared him well to care for low risk as well as high risk pregnancies. He is one of few OBGYNs in Cache Valley that can actually provide care at any of the hospitals in the valley. You never have to worry if your insurance changes and subsequently your insurance preferred facility. He does most of his OBGYN care (because of insurance reasons) at his clinic in Mt. Naomi Women's Health just north of Valley Women's Health & Aesthetics.

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