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Medical Weight Loss


Our focus with weight loss goes far deeper than just eating less and exercising more. Specific goals for dieting are developed based on numerous personal factors. Exercise is an important component of this process. Lab results are used to identify problem areas and help focus the approach to your specific situation. Some medications can be utilized as well to help maximize weight loss.

Components to managed weight loss:

  • MACRO-Nutrient Based Weight Loss: This is at the heart of all the weight loss plans that we use for patients. The key to sustained weight loss comes after any meds or extra supplements are used. It also starts well before using any of those. 

  • Lipotropic injections are supplements used for fat loss. Click here to learn more.  

  • Phentermine prescribed medication. This is an appetite suppressive and stimulant medication that helps take current healthy habits and maximize the impact that they can have on your weight loss. Use of this medication is limited to the second phase of the program to help ensure that you are already making changes to your daily life that will benefit from use of this medication. Patients are kept on this a max of 3 mo.

  • Semaglutide Injections: Semaglutide is a GLP-1 (glucagon-like-peptide-1) receptor agonist. Semaglutide is not a miracle cure or a gimmicky “fat-burning” supplement. It is a long-acting prescription medicine designed to be used over an extended period of several months or more.  Click here to learn more.​

  • Supplements. You only get out of the system what you put in. If we use high quality supplements to help fuel your body and maximize the great progress you are making we will see the results. You will feel sharper. You will have more energy. You will finally be able to be the person you know you are inside and out! We partner with the folks at Complete Nutrition in Logan to help our patients achieve the right supplements to support health weight loss. Additionally, when we cannot find what we need at Complete Nutrition, we often use supplements from Thorne supplements. Our patients can use this link: THORNE to get a discount on some of the recommended supplements up to 15%. 

In the end this is a journey of a million steps. It is a hard one to get started on and stay on. That is why we break things down into easy to follow steps and try to increase the odds of daily success instead of just focusing on the end goal. Remember this is something that happened overnight and is something that will take some time to resolve. We are here to help you on that journey though!

We will find a plan that works for you and helps get you to the level of health that you desire.

Call to schedule a consultation with Dr Bertoldo for weight loss today!

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Have you struggled to lose weight in the past?

Do you hate the way you feel on weight loss plans?

Do you wonder why so many things fail and the weight just comes right back on?


Phase 1: RECLAIM

Experience what sets our approach apart from every other.


Dr Bertoldo has been working with patients over the years helping them to understand the essentials of nutrition and physiology. Understanding the physiology of why the body fails to respond is a necessary key to success. 

At the core of each successful story is a MACRO nutrition plan. He uses a specialized calculator that factors in age, ethnicity, height, weight and activity to dial in the needed nutrition macros for success. This is based on the same calculations needed to discern the needed nutrition for patients in the ICU or any other setting that requires calculated nutrition. These macros are adjusted based on need for maintenance of weight, bulking, or losing weight. 


We ask patients a series of medical history questions to ensure there are no contraindications to starting a weight loss program. Patients need to contact our office so we can send a link to our online history form. Once that is submitted we will send an order to our lab partner at Mt Naomi Women's Health that will evaluate numerous body organ systems.

Dr Bertoldo, Nurse Nikki or Nurse Brittany at Valley Aesthetics & Wellness will review this MACRO plan with patients and review their lab results at the same time. We start patients on their MACRO plan based on their specific scenario and set up a supplement program dialed in to their needs; all verified with history questions and lab results.

This is essential to ruling out other underlying issues and optimizing each system to help the body with RECLAIMing ideal health. 


Patients then take this plan over to Complete Nutrition and consult with James Seamons's staff about how to implement this plan with the recommended supplements. Their expertise often bridges the gap that exists between the supplement world and our world of medicine. Their expertise and the care shown to each person that comes through their doors is a testament of why we recommend them again and again. Hands down. They want patients to be successful just as much as we do and stand behind each product they offer. 

Patients continue on their MACRO plan for 2-3 weeks and then meet again with our staff. Weekly weigh ins are encouraged during this time. We cannot be there every minute of every day, but we want you to know we are behind you.



See results that improve your dedication to better health.


Once the MACRO plan is up and running, patients have the option of starting SEMAGLUTIDE injections (click for info on this). This is a great non-stimulant way of suppressing appetite, improving insulin function, and fueling that weight loss you have been striving for all these years. By itself this is a very effective tool in achieving weight loss. If this is all we did you would fail though. Nothing has changed with the root cause of what led to weight gain in the first place. RENEWing your metabolism comes from proper nutrition combined with the appetite suppression and control. Patients are encouraged to continue on the SEMAGLUTIDE for 4-6 months and during the last month we slowly titrate patients off the medication for 2-3 months. This helps ensure that nutrition is dialed in and many patients only regain 2-3% of their body weight during this time. If patients still have weight to lose we can restart the SEMAGLUTIDE injections for an amount of time based on an individualized set of criteria. 

In the end you will not be on these injections forever and we expect your MACRO plan to be the basis of keeping your weight where you want it. Try our program and we know you will see results you have been dreaming and striving for in the past. 



Our med spa has partnered with a well known compounding pharmacy in Houston, Texas for on-going use of Semaglutide. The cost of the program is $300+$150 consultation** ($450 total) for the first month, which includes

- your initial 20 min consultation here at Valley Aesthetics & Wellness

- MACRO nutrition plan

- lab review (cost of labs dependent on your insurance)

- instruction on injection process with registered nurse

- weekly weigh ins at Valley Aesthetics

-medication for the month,

- followed by a monthly cost dependent on your level of medication:

Month 1: $300* (4 weeks of treatment) 0.25mg/wk

Month 2: $375 (5 wks of treatment ) 0.5mg/wk

Month 3: $400 (5 wks of treatment) 1.0mg/wk

Month 4: $450 (6 wks of treatment) 1.7mg/wk

Month 5+: $500 (6 wks of treatment) 2.4mg/wk

 (think about it as $75/week) and a three-month minimum commitment, payment monthly is REQUIRED, due to product cost. 

*$300 is the price if doing a consult through the Mt. Naomi Women's Health OBGYN office under your insurance. Insurance is not accepted at Valley Aesthetics & Wellness.



We DO accept HSA plans, but we do not bill insurance for payment.


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