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This is an aspect of health that often gets pushed to the side. Typical medical clinics are focused in on disease and curing of such. The health care system of today is not set up to promote health, despite the drastic need for more effort in this area. Part of my desire in setting up this clinic was to make a more focused effort on helping the people in Cache Valley make those changes in their lives. I think that encompasses so many different aspects of an individual. It is not possible to separate the emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual aspects of a person and expect to provide truly comprehensive care. I have taken steps to find some of the best individuals/providers in the valley. Things often happen for a reason, and after doing this for the past 12 years I am convinced of this fact. So with that, we offer your traditional OBGYN care that is evidence based and aimed at providing those in their reproductive years a healthy pregnancy or routine gynecologic care. 

  • Master Aesthetician, Halee Williams, is available to pamper that skin and help you find a way to keep it that way. She has an abundance of treatments and products that she can use to get your skin glowing again or stay that way! Sit down with her for a free consultation today.

  • Nurse Injector, Brittany Williams RN, is trained with Xeomin (better than Botox!) and fillers to get those lines that go with aging to vanish! She regularly gets comments about how painless her technique is compared to previous experiences patients have had with injections. She can get that perfect pout going or smooth out that forehead creases! 

  • Procedure Nurse, Nikki Buttars RN, is our expert on the front of microneedling! Whether it is regular microneedling with The Skin Pen, adding plasma growth factor, or #Morpheus8 RF, the Mercedes of microneedling, she has the touch you could say. We offer some vaginal rejuvenation treatments that she is trained to offer patients. 


My point of all this is that we want you to know you are getting the best treatments from the best people at the best clinic in the valley. Come give my staff a try and I can promise you will not be disappointed.


Let's get your health on track to a better you!!

Call to schedule a consultation with Dr Bertoldo or one of the other providers today!

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